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oratz - Etymological Basque Dictionary-French-Spanish-English
(XIXth c.) Tinea of dogs. From or "dog" and atz "to scratch".
(s. XIX) Tiña de los perros. De or "perro" y atz "rascar".
(XIXe s.) Teigne des chiens. De or "chien " et atz "gratter".

(B) Tracks of animals. From or "foot" and atz "mark".
(V) Rastro de los animales. De or "pie" y atz "rastro".
(B) Trace des animaux. De or "pied" et atz "marque, trace".

(B) Fork. From oratu "to take, hold" (cp. sp. tenedor) and agent suff. zaile.
(V) Tenedor. De oratu "tener, prender" y suf. agente -zaile.
(B) Fourchette. De oratu "saisir, prendre" (cp. cast. tenedor) et suff. d’agent -zaile.

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