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ozka - Etymological Basque Dictionary-French-Spanish-English
Break. Indoeuropean borrowing, cf. rom./gasc. osque, bret. osk, old fr. osche "id.". Perhaps celtic.
Muesca, brecha. Prestamo indo-europeo, cf. rom./gasc. osque ( bret. osk, fr. ant. osche (s. XII). Posiblemente de origen céltico.
Entaille, brèche, encoche. Emprunt indo-européen, cf. rom./gasc. osque (bret. osk "entaille", vx fr. osche (XIIe s.). Origine celte possible.

(B, G) Clear sky. From ortz "sky" and garbi "pure, clear".
(V, G) Cielo raso. De ortz "cielo" y garbi "puro, claro".
(B, G) Ciel serein. De ortz "ciel" et garbi "clair, pur".

Etymological Basque Dictionary


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