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ua - Etymological Basque Dictionary-French-Spanish-English
(LN) Cradle. Var. of oha, ohe "bed". If not from a child’s word cuna "cradle" from spanish ?
(BN) Cuna. Var. de oha, ohe "cama" si no se trata de una palabra infantil cuna ?
(BN) Berceau. Var. de oha, ohe "lit". Sinon mot d’enfant tiré du cast. cuna "berceau" ?

Bacteria. From uha, uba "stick" and dim. suff. -ño "little".
Bacteria. De uha, uba "palo" y suf. dim. -ño "pequeño".
Bactérie. De uha, uba "bâton " et suff. dim. -ño "petit".

Etymological Basque Dictionary


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