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uste - Etymological Basque Dictionary-French-Spanish-English
(XVIth c.) Opinion,believing. From * us- "believing, trust" (ez du uste haundirik = he does not trust ). Cp. finnish us-ko "believing", estonian us-tav "true", us-und "trust".
(s. XVI) Opinión, creencia. De *us- "creencia, fe, confianza" (ez du uste haundirik =no tiene confianza). Cp. finés us-ko "creencia", estoniano us-tav "fiel, vero", us-und "fe".
(XVIe s.) Opinion, avis, croyance. De *us- "croyance, foi, confiance" (ez du uste haundirik = il n’a pas confiance). Cp. finnois us-ko "croyance", estonien us-tav "fidèle, vrai", us-und "foi".

(XVIth c.) Rotten. From roman pustel ( < latin pustula).
(s. XVI) Potrido. Del romance pustel ( < latín pustula).
(XVIe s.) Pourri. Du roman pustel (< latin pustula).

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